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National Marine Park and spectacular waterfall

The next day, you meet Nicolas, a Frenchman managing the excursion agency “Flora Tours”. With him, you go exploring the Los Haitises National Park. Nicknamed “The Caribbean Long Bay” and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this natural site promises you a great adventure. After 40 minutes of boat in the bay of Samana, appears the island with the Birds. Frigates are circling above this islet where hundreds of fishing birds nest.

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After enjoying this fascinating spectacle, you will visit three caves that contain engravings and drawings made by the Taïnos Amerindians, the original inhabitants of the region. Your friendly guide offers you a nice surprise: an aperitif on the beach, punctuated by a fish lunch. Excited by your day, you leave the next day with Nicolas for another trip in the wilderness.

14 km from Las Terrenas lies the waterfall El Limon. From the small village of the same name, docile little horses transport you for a sports ride on a steep and muddy ground. The crash of the waterfall pierces the silence of the forest. Through the foliage of trees emerges this impressive waterfall of 50 m. You run to cool off in its natural pools. Intrepid children swim to the curtain of water that rushes, climb the rock, then throw themselves to a vertiginous height.

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If you have the chance to stay in the area between January and the end of March, another show will give you chills: whale watching. Each year, the impressive humpback whales migrate from the northern Atlantic Ocean and give birth in the warm waters of the Samana Peninsula. A few meters from your boat, you hear the powerful breath of cetaceans rising to the surface. You crack for the calves who frolic with their mother, and acclaim the power of the males jumping out of the waves to seduce the females. This magical moment will leave you with an emotional memory of a still preserved Dominican region.

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