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Martinique Guide

Emerging in the heart of the Caribbean arc, the island of Martinique is part of the Lesser Antilles. From dreamy beaches to tropical forests, it offers breathtaking panoramas. In the cities, traces of the rich island history are omnipresent. Relaxation and leisure are the key words of your stay in Martinique.

The expanses of white sand in the South and the black beaches in the North resound as an invitation to swimming, pleasant all year round. Inland is home to plantations of sugar cane, bananas, vanilla … This abundant nature is conducive to countless hikes.

A trip to Martinique is also an opportunity to discover a cultural heritage marked by miscegenation, like the museums and the Saint-Louis cathedral of Fort-de-France.

Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages : Tips and Advices

A mosaic of flavors

To taste the local products during a stay in Martinique, go to the markets for fish, meat … not to mention the rum fruity. Colors and fragrances perfume in a lively atmosphere.

The best season for hiking in Martinique

Although Martinique is not known as a hiking destination, the setting is very appropriate and the trails are numerous! Here are our tips for where and when to hike on Flower Island.


Martinique is an ideal island for hiking. Indeed, it brings together 180 km of trails of different levels and most are well indicated.

Whether you want to walk near the coast, climb the hills or explore the rainforests, you will find shoes to your feet. The landscapes of Martinique are fabulous and very varied. It will not be difficult to walk on shady paths, because the vegetation is abundant! The hikes can be short or last several days, just be sure to inform yourself in advance.

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Beware, in Martinique the climate is hot and humid, always remember to have water on you and drink regularly. Do not forget to take sunscreen and protect your head. Even if there are clouds, you are not protected from the radiation of the sun! The dry season in Martinique is quite long: from mid-November to mid-March. But beware, these are also the hottest months. The ideal is to leave:

When should I go to Martinique?

*At the beginning or end of the season

*Between April and May

*Between September and October

*The rainy months are to be avoided, especially June, July and August, during the wet season.

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