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It is very important to watch the weather before going on a hike in Martinique. Indeed, you must take with you all your accessories to protect you from the sun, but the rain could be dangerous. Even during the dry season, there may be storms and heavy showers. Some hikes will not be accessible, especially in the mountains, because of mudslides. It would be a shame to be stuck in the middle of a ride! However, if you decide to leave in spite of the rain, prefer hiking on the coast. Take in any case:

*A functional and lightweight raincoat
*A pair of adapted and non-slip shoes

Christmas Vacation Ideas Caribbean : Tips and Advices for Holiday

Be careful, in Martinique, you will meet many trees called mancenilliers. This tree is very dangerous and normally reported with red paint. Its trunk, leaves and fruits are poisonous: you will burn at the slightest touch. So do not take refuge underneath in the event of a deluge! Drops of water can carry toxic substances that will make their effect in contact with your skin.

If you go hiking on a hot day, it is advisable to leave early in the morning to finish before the sun is at the zenith, or late afternoon. In the latter case, it will be necessary to study your route in advance so as not to have to complete the hike at night. Throughout the year, the sun sets around 18:00: until 17:30 at the beginning of winter (November / December) and 18:30 at the beginning of summer (June / July). With a little luck and a good organization, you will finish your hike at sunset from one of the best spots of the island:

Diamond Beach

Great Anse des Salines (Sainte-Anne)

Great Anse d’Arlet (The Anses d’Arlet)

Anse Marigot (The Carbet)

Anse Couleuvre (The Preacher)

Christmas Vacation Ideas Caribbean : Information

Horse riding in Martinique

Why not take a walk in the heart of the flower island in an original way? Go horseback riding for a nature break that is out of the ordinary, a privileged moment to share with the family. With a stroll on the beaches or the hills of Martinique, you will live an unforgettable experience and learn the secrets of local horses.

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