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To discover the beauty of the landscape of Martinique, you have the opportunity to travel on horseback in different parts of the island.

Discover its tropical forests, mountains, rivers and idyllic beaches with animals perfectly adapted to their environment, including the local breed of horse, very famous: the Creole.

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There are some equestrian centers located north of Martinique, around Sainte-Marie, for example, on the Atlantic coast of Martinique. But most are settled to the south. You can choose between different destinations:


The Lamentin

Riviere Salee

The diamond

Slave Savannah

The Trois-Îlets

The Vauclin

Cape Macabou

The French

Last Minute Caribbean Vacation Packages : Recommendations

Horseback riding is for both adults and children. However, be careful to choose respectful breeders and lovers of their animals, who will guide you according to the age of the participants and their experience in riding. You can even take the youngest children safely!

Thanks to a horseback ride, you can discover the flora and fauna of Martinique in peace with a specialized guide. You will learn how to bond with your horse and understand it. The duration of the walks can be of an hour only or a half-day according to the destinations. From the peaks of the Martinican hills, for example, you can admire the landscape from a completely different point of view. Some equestrian centers even allow you to swim with horses and ponies!


The Creole is a horse race typical of Martinique found in other Caribbean islands. It is also present in South and Central America, where it is called Criollo. It has established itself in the following countries:


These horses are the descendants of those imported by Spanish settlers (horses of Barbe origin, Andalusian and Arabic mainly) to serve as a means of transport and for agriculture. Little by little, they adapted to their environment in the heart of the tropical islands of the West Indies. They have become robust, intelligent and very resistant animals, whose lifespan is greater than that of most other breeding breeds in Martinique.

These are small horses, which measure between 1.30 m and 1.50 m. Although the color of their dress is varied, they differ mainly by their strong hooves and their generous horsehair. They are animals of character, very cooperative and persevering, which do not pose a problem within an equestrian center. Versatile, they adapt to all types of work and different farming methods.

However, Creole is less common nowadays in Martinique. Indeed, because of the importation of European and North American horses, especially race horses, it began to disappear. Fortunately, it is still possible to find some. Then privilege this race during your trip on the island of flowers for a more authentic experience!

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