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Surfing in Martinique: the best season and the top spots

Are you going to Martinique with a desire to surf? The landscapes and weather conditions are indeed conducive to the practice of this aquatic sport, in the heart of Caribbean beaches or Atlantic. Here’s all you need to know about the best surfing periods and surf spots in Martinique.


Surprisingly, Martinique is not yet a favorite destination for surfers.

Yet, the flower island offers something for beginners and experts alike:

Paradise beaches with coconut palms

Wind and waves

A turquoise and warm water …

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If you go surfing in Martinique, you will not have to wait too long before taking a wave and can sometimes surf on almost desert beaches. Although surfing was mainly developed in Martinique in the 70s, it had already existed for centuries: the Bwa Flo, surfing on a tree trunk. In fact, Native Americans practiced Bwa Flo well before settlers arrived.

Today, some locals continue to practice this sport in Martinique. The ideal season to go surfing from November to May, enjoy the chop is seen all the more possible during the months of November, February and March. During this period, the swell from the northeast is hitting the island and offers beautiful waves on which to surf.

Between August and November, it is the rainy season and not the most recommended period for surfing. However, it is likely that hurricanes will pass a few hundred kilometers from the coast and treat you. In sum, June and July are the months that could be the most disappointing.



Some spots are more dangerous than others, not only because of waves and heavy swells, but also because of other external elements such as rocks, shoals, coral reefs, currents and other sea urchins. If in doubt, get supervised by professionals. There are many surf clubs in Martinique for this purpose.

On all the coasts of the island, you will find spots to surf. First, there is the beach known as surfers: Anse Bonneville, Tartane, on the peninsula of Caravelle on the Atlantic side. It is a very famous place and frequented by the experts as by the beginners, since the space is consequent there.

In Tartane, there is Anse l’Étang, where you will find three waves, behind a small lagoon:

A wave to the east, ideal for beginners

One in the center, which attracts a lot of surfers

One last to the west, more difficult and dangerous

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To the south, you can surf around Sainte-Anne, especially at Anse Trabaud, a beautiful beach suitable for all levels. On the Caribbean coast, go to the Diamond, including the Grande Anse du Diamant and Anse Caffard, highly recommended for bodyboarders. Beware, at Grande Anse du Diamant, there are strong currents that could prevent you from returning to the coast. It is therefore imperative to be careful!

Finally, it is north of Martinique that you will find the most spots. However, they remain difficult and therefore reserved for experienced surfers. Also find a black sand beach whose access is a little difficult, or Anse Charpentier, a famous spot where swimming is prohibited. Finally, you can access Grand’Rivière and Basse Pointe, with a marked swell, whatever its orientation.

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