Romantic Camping Ideas : Detaied Review

Remember to have openings at the base of the teepee-shaped wood stack. These spaces will allow you to light your fire, then let the wind infiltrate to brighten the flames of your campfire.

Light the fire. Take a match or lighter and light your tinder by one of the openings at the base of the wooden structure of your campfire.

Once your fire blazes, add larger pieces of wood from time to time to keep the fire alive. Be sure to always place your logs so that your fire burns well in the middle of your wooden structure and not on one side more than another.

Romantic Camping Ideas : Information

Stop the fire. Sprinkle your fire slowly, but do not throw a bucket of water on it to stop it. By splashing the fire, you will extinguish it gently. On the other hand, if you have fun swinging a bucket of water in the fireplace, you will stop it, but you will not be able to use for a moment your pit to make a fire, because the zone will be too wet.

Stir the ashes. Take a stick and stir all the ashes while you spray the fire. You will ensure that all the ashes of the fire are well moistened to go out.

Check the temperature of the fire. Pass the palm of your hand over the ashes of the fireplace. If you feel heat rising from the palm of the heat, the fire is not yet completely extinguished. Spray the ashes again and mix them with a stick. When the ashes emit no more heat, it means that you have finished putting out the fire.

Romantic Camping Ideas : Advices and Tips

Take with you some wooden skewers, marshmallow, your favorite chocolate bar and butter to make s’mores on your fire in the open air.


Do not go too close to the flames for your safety. Also be careful, if you have a pet, do not come too close to the fire.

How to prepare a backpacking trip?

With a little effort, backpacking or hiking trips can be really interesting experiences. A well-organized hike can give you the opportunity to camp in beautiful places without having to suffer the unnecessary presence of a crowd of people like those found in campgrounds and caravans. If you want to experience the thrill of walking in the desert and find your way home safely, you must learn how to prepare your trip carefully and carefully. Learn how to effectively plan a trip, what to bring, and how to maintain the security of its location as much as possible.

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