Silver Investing Beginners: Detailed Review

Result for Marc who wants to finance the studies of his children (in 10 years) and his retirement (in 20 years). From now on, Marc makes 50/50 payments to his funds in euros and his life insurance policy in managed management. With this new allocation, Marc saves several hundred euros in fees each year and should obtain a higher return on his assets through diversification into higher-paying assets (real estate via SCPIs and equity markets via managed management). In the end, it is several thousand euros more earnings per year. What to consider calmly the studies of children and retirement. In addition, Mark can also place and save on behalf of children.

Silver Investing Beginners: Tips and Advices

Opinion of Nicolas: to reflect well on its patrimonial allocation is essential. Investing 100% in long-term savings books or euro funds is counterproductive. In fact, taking advantage of the performance of the stock market and real estate is much more profitable in the long term, as this chart illustrates. So, organizing your assets well (then optimizing by choosing the right products) will make all the difference in the realization of your projects.

As we have shown, there are a multitude of ways to invest your money. In fact, the investments and the target asset allocation depend on the investor’s profile, in particular his financial projects and his investment horizon. However, there are almost unavoidable investments to optimize the performance and taxation of its savings.

Silver Investing Beginners : Information

Thus, the life insurance and the PEA are 2 tools accessible to the residents in France and formidable effective to make grow its money. As for the fund in euros, it is a safe bet to make its capital grow without risk, so it is interesting to prepare a real estate purchase or simply secure its savings. Investors with a long-term vision can benefit from the good performance of real estate and the stock market.

The practical cases presented in this article are given as an example. You can learn from them, but they are not investment tips. Indeed, everyone has a different situation (family and professional) and different heritage goals. We recommend that you hire a good wealth management advisor if you want the best advice for managing your investments.

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