Summer Camp Ideas Activities : Detailed Review

In order to prepare a hiking backpack, go first for a hike during the day, then during the night. Before considering a multi-day trip, start by trying a two-day hike through various types of terrain and weather to see how you’re doing. First, make sure you can support the steps in the woods before venturing into a looped path of more than 22 km in the middle of a desert.

Try some treks without equipment, but only with enough water, light snacks, a map of the area and adequate boots. Go for 2-4 km with a few friends and find pleasure in walking.

Summer Camp Ideas Activities : Information

If you like that, try a longer hike of several kilometers on somewhat rugged terrain. If you still like it, take your backpack and see if you still enjoy it. Go progressively by facing successively several rounds of hiking.

Choose for your hike a known destination. Do you like mountains? The prairies ? The Great Lakes? Depending on where you live, the backcountry may seem very close to you or you may want to venture further afield for a more serious hiking experience. In many places, you do not need to travel more than half a day by car to find a good National Park in which you can camp and hike.

Choose the right time of the year to go to your destination. Some destinations are very crowded at certain times of the year or around holidays, while others are unsuitable for hikes at certain times of the year. It would not be safe to go hiking in the desert in the middle of the summer if you are still a novice.

It would also be best to avoid favorite bear areas during the bear season, which may vary from region to region.

Summer Camp Ideas Activities : Tips and advices for camp location

Choose some parks or desert regions. Do you want to go to the Col de Merdassier? Or explore the valley of wonders? Or, plant a tent in the Pyrenees National Park? Once you have decided which area of ​​the country you want to explore, choose an area suitable for backcountry camping. Here are some of the best destinations for safe camping in France, French overseas territories and other European countries.

The Mercantour National Park in France

The forest of Fontainebleau in France

The Haute-Sûre Nature Park in Belgium

The Anlier forest, east of Belgium

The National Park of Hoge Kempen

Guadeloupe National Park

The Swiss National Park

The Amazonian park of Guyana in the French overseas territories

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