Summer Camp Music Festival : Detailed Review

Many parks and public places will give you some recommendations specific to their environment, and this at certain times of the year. There are also parks that sometimes require visitors to keep their food in containers that are immune to certain animals such as bears.

Find out about the fire regulations. The campfires are fabulous as long as they meet the standards. In some areas, fires are prohibited during the dry season. At other times, these fires are only permitted in specific locations, including homes located in the camp site. In other areas, permission is required to use a backcountry bake oven.

Summer Camp Music Festival : Tips and Advices

Never leave a fire unattended. Do not light a fire if you do not have enough water to turn it off completely. To act carefully, remove any object on a radius of 5 meters around the fire to prevent the wind from consuming any object around your home.

Get a backpack that fits your frame. Hiking backpacks must be strong enough to carry a significant load, but lightweight enough for you to wear without much pain until the end of a long hike. Look for a bag with an internal structure, with a chest strap and a waist belt to support the bag on your back.

Hiking backpacks are mostly sold at sporting goods stores and are designed to suit your size and body build. It would be a good idea to go and try a bag yourself, to make sure it’s right for you and really suits you.

Your backpack should have enough space to hold food and water, a first aid kit, a raincoat, sun visor, a flashlight or a headlamp, a tent and a bag to sleep and this even if you do not need all of this as part of a group hike.

Summer Camp Music Festival : Information

Wear a pair of proper boots. No hike is possible without proper shoes. If you have to walk for miles, first make sure your shoes can withstand the difficulties of walking. What is the best option? Get yourself a pair of waterproof boots strong enough to complete your journey on foot.

Never go hiking for several days in sandals or with a light sport shoe. Sometimes, tennis may be appropriate, light and perfect for hiking in certain environments, but it should be ensured that your shoe is strong enough to face different types of terrain.

Plan several layers of clothing. Wearing several layers of clothing will allow you to be comfortable in any weather conditions. It’s not because it’s hot when you reach the starting point that the weather will stay the same throughout the day.

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